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Country Studies


Cape Verde

More Mobility for Development! In February 2015, researcher Linde-Kee van Stokkum spent one month in Cape Verde to do research on the impact of the EU Mobility Partnership on Cape Verde. The aim was to find out more about how the EU Mobility Partnership can become a better tool for development.

You can read the full report, titled 'More Mobility for Development! Policy Coherence for Development in practice: making the EU Mobility Partnership a tool for development in Cape Verde' here!

The research has shown that the Mobility Partnership the EU closed with Cape Verde is predominantly used as an instrument to fight irregular migration, through border control management and readmission agreements. A close look at the projects of the Mobility Partnership shows the development goals are not visible, even though the Mobility Partnerships were launched to improve regular migration with third countries, and also to create more coherence between EU migration and development policies.

The study was presented in Brussels on Monday 22nd of June. You can read about the launch here.