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Foundation Max van der Stoel

Foundation Max van der Stoel

The Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) was formed in 2013 by a merger of the Alfred Mozer Foundation and the Evert Vermeer Foundation. The new foundation strives for the social democratic value of international solidarity within three areas: Democracy, Development, and Dialogue.

By taking the name of Max van der Stoel (3 August 1924 - 23 April 2011) the foundation links itself to one of the most influential representatives that the Labour Party has known in the area of foreign policy. The Foundation Max van der Stoel is nationally and internationally allied with the social democratic movement.

“ He could never compromise when it came to injustice, nor in his belief in the law, in fairness, and in the future of humanity if it could free itself from the chains of injustice and oppression" Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans about Max van der Stoel

The FMS has three pillars; democracy, development, and dialogue.

We are committed to help upcoming democracies and (social-)democrats in countries where freedom is under pressure. The FMS supports the construction of political parties, through trainings, on request of foreign partners.

The FMS wants the voice of people in developing countries, to resound in European and Dutch policies. Political decisions of the European Union and its Member States too often harm the interest of developing countries. Trade, agricultural and migration policies, among others, undermine the efforts of development policies and efforts for global sustainability. That is why the FMS started the Fair Politics program in 2002.

On a regular basis, the FMS organises public events about current affairs and developmental issues. Often politicians, civil society, business and the Dutch Labour party (PvdA) are involved in these public events. With these activities aiming at dialogue, the FMS wants to create more awareness of issues of democracy and development.

Do you want to know more about the FMS and its activities? Visit www.foundationmaxvanderstoel.nl