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Fair Taxes: working towards a fair tax system


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Topic: Fair Taxes


Background Info

Concord Spotlight Report 2013: Spotlight on EU Policy Coherence for Development: Chapter 2 Financing for Development
In this chapter of Concord’s Spotlight Report 2013 on EU Policy Coherence for Development the incoherence of EU tax policy is showed. The effect on people in developing countries is explained by the story of Caroline Muchanga from Zambia. Also Policy Recommendations for coherent policies are proposed.

Concord, Eurodad & CAN: Financing for Development negotiations - what should the EU bring to the table
Concord , Eurodad and CAN published this policy paper on Financing for Development with solutions and policy recommendations for tackling the problem of tax evasion, tax havens and illicit financial flows, from an EU perspective.

ActionAid: How tax havens plunder the poor
This ActionAid report shows how tax havens have a negative impact on developing countries.

Kraetke, Florian (2013), 'Show me the Money, ECDPM
In this article, Kraetke, Research Assistant at ECDPM’s EU External Action Programme highlights the link between illicit financial flows and developing countries. He also gives recommendations for a development financing framework.

EuropeAid: Implementing the Tax and Development policy agenda: Transfer pricing and developing countries
This report provides an overview on the possibilities for adopting and implementing TP legislation in developing countries and identifies possible ways to support developing countries with regard to its enactment.

Tackle Tax Havens: What's a Tax Haven
More info about what a tax haven really is.

Tax Jusitice Network
The Tax Justice Network promotes transparency in international finance and opposes secrecy. They also analyse the impact tax evasion has on developing countries.