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Fair Taxes: working towards a fair tax system


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Topic: Fair Taxes



Make it Fair!

More coherence between European tax and development policy is necessary in order to make development work. Fair Politics gives the following policy recommendations:

  • The European Savings Directive needs to be extended by the European Member States. The automatic exchange of information should include companies and trust funds as well. This creates the opportunity to get information on MNCs as well as individuals, and it would make it more difficult to evade taxes.
  • The European Commission should be mandated to impose strict penalties on Member States which do not comply with good governance in tax matters, like the Member States that still support tax havens on their territories.
  • The European Union, on behalf of the Member States should oblige country-by-country reporting for MNCs enlisted in the EU.
  • The European Union should oblige MNCs to disclose the beneficial ownership, which would create transparency on transfers between companies, and increase the chance of ending transfer pricing.