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Fisheries Partnership Agreements: incoherent with EU development policies


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Topic: Fisheries Partnership Agreements


Policy Recommendations

  • In order to improve PCD, the negotiations of the fisheries agreements must be based on the contracting countrys priorities for suitable development of its fishing sector and its country as a whole (food security strategies for example).
  • Conditions and prioritization needs to be introduced for access to third countries waters; In line with the FAO Code of Conduct, priority access should be reserved for the national fleets, especially small scale and artisan fishing activity. Further access should be restricted to those operators who can demonstrate that their operations fit with EU sustainable fisheries development criteria.
  • The EU should respect the surplus principle as concluded in the UNCLOS; the EU should not fish in countries where a surplus is not proved and the prevention of overexploitation cannot be guaranteed.
  • The EU should step up efforts and provide the necessary resources to help contracting countries develop more effective national resource management systems in order to prevent overexploitation.
  • The EU should ensure better adherence to laws and codes of conduct of EU fleets. Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing must be tackled.
  • In accordance to the Cotonou Agreement as well as Development Policy of the EU, the fisheries and trade policies need to be mutually satisfactory and combat poverty by supporting the development of an environmentally and socially sustainable local fisheries sector in the third countries.
  • EU fisheries subsidies, directly or indirectly need to be phased out where they are proven not to be socio-economically profitable for any of the stakeholders. The EU should raise the price of fishing licences to its fleets and technological progress of the vessels needs to finance itself through the market, in order to abort any hidden subsidy that hurts poor fishermen.
  • Fisheries Agreements must be negotiated, concluded or extended based on a scientific basis and reliable data. The reviewed CFP should define a decision-making framework ensuring that decisions are taken at the appropriate levels (maximum sustainable amount of catch and total allowable catch need to be set by scientists for example).