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Topic: Policy Coherence


End of an era

Since 2008, Fair Politics has been ranking the efforts of EU politicians for coherency and fair politics. Every time MEPs pay attention to Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) with actions, such as parliamentary questions, reports, opinions and their amendments, they were rewarded with points through the Fair Politics monitoring system. The Member of Parliament who earns the most points at the end of the parliamentary year was awarded with the famous ‘Fair Politician of the Year’ Award.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of capacity, Fair Politics has recently ended its monitoring activities of the MEPs in Brussels. We continue to monitor the political and policy developments regarding Policy Coherence for Development, but in a more general way.

It has been a great pleasure to be involved in EU politics for all the past  years. Experience has shown the effectiveness of the Fair Politics method of monitoring and awarding in motivating and challenging MEPs to remain committed to more PCD compliant policies. Thereby, the monitoring activities put together a profound base for lobby and advocacy activities.

A big thanks to all of you we have been cooperating with. And for those who are working on realising more fair policies towards developing countries, we encourage you to continue keep on doing this valuable job. For all the others, we hope we have inspired you to get on board.

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This article was published on: 11 November 2016. Photo: Flickr.