Politics of the European Union too often have damaging consequences for developing countries. Fair Politics EU wants to give developing countries a fair chance at development. - Fair Politics NOW!

Ranking explained



All parliamentary questions, reports, opinions and their amendments which contribute to more fair and coherent policies are monitored. Every time Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) pay attention to Policy Coherence for Development (PCD), they will be rewarded a point in our monitoring system. In the ranking frame on the left the interim score per political group is shown. If you click on one of the political groups the points earned will appear. The MEP who earns the most points at the end of the parliamentary year will be named the Fair Politician of the Year! Plus the winner of each of the political groups will be recognized. This way we challenge all MEPs to keep fighting for more Fair Policies. This will give development a real chance.

  • Parliamentary questions receive 1 point
  • The rapporteur of a report or an opinion can earn 2 points if the draft version in itself already presents more coherent solutions
  • Amendments which make a report or opinion stronger and more clear in terms of PCD receive 1 point each. A MEP can earn only 1 point per opinion or report.

Overview of former Fair Politicians of the Year:

Fair Politican of the Year 2015/2016: Lola Sánchez Caldentey (GUE/NGL)

Fair Politician of the Year 2014/2015: Lola Sánchez Caldentey (GUE/NGL)

Fair Politician of the Year 2012/2013: Judith Sargentini (Greens/EFA)

Fair Politician of the Year 2011/2012: Isabella Lövin (Greens/EFA)

Fair Politician of the Year 2010/2011: Catherine Grèze (Greens/EFA)

Fair Politician of the Year 2009/2010: Franziska Keller (Greens/EFA)

Fair Politician of the Year 2008/2009: Thijs Berman (S&D)